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Title: Спеціальні технічні засоби протидії несанкціонованому відбору електроенергії
Other Titles: Special technical means of resistance to the authorized selection of electricity
Authors: Мирошниченко, В.
Рижков, Е.
Myroshnychenko, V.
Ryzhkov, E.
Citation: Мирошниченко В. Спеціальні технічні засоби протидії несанкціонованому відбору електроенергії / В. Мирошниченко, Е. Рижков // Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. - 2021. – Спец. вип. № 2 (115). – С. 460-465
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: ДДУВС
Keywords: викрадення
електрична енергія
незаконне використання
спосіб підключення
пристрій контролю
illegal use of that connection
the way
the special
the counter
device control
electrical energy
Series/Report no.: DOI: 10.31733/2078-3566-2021-6-460-465;
Abstract: У статті розглянуто питання застосування спеціальних технічних засобів у протидії злочинам, пов’язаних з викраданням електроенергії, досліджено причини та умови, що сприяють викраденню електричної енергії на території України, на прикладі авторських патентних розробок пропоновано до розгляду принцип роботи пристрою контролю споживання електроенергії у розгалужених мережах.
Description: The article deals with the use of special technical means of counteracting crimes associated with theft of electricity, indicates the reasons and conditions that contribute to its stolen on the territory of Ukraine, it is proposed to consider the principle of operation of electricity consumption control in branched networks. An analysis of the calculated and technological methods of theft of electric energy was carried out. The characteristic of typical traces indicating the commission of a crime in one way or another. The author’s development of a device for controlling electricity consumption in branched networks, which belongs to control and measuring equipment and is designed to control electricity accounting, as well as to exclude unauthorized connection to the power supply network, is presented. It is stated that the basis of the present invention is the task of increasing the accuracy of electricity consumption and elimination of interference in the work of another electrical equipment, due to the improvement of the electricity consumption control device, in which, by introducing new elements, the possibility of exchange of control information between the main and additional blocks on the radio channel and the liquidation is implemented. a distorted high-frequency component in an extensive power supply. It is argued that the conduct of this special technical means in the practical activity of the authorized bodies will necessarily increase the efficiency of detection and disclosure of the abduction of electric energy, including high-tech methods. A series of author’s patent developments, designed to improve existing and fundamentally new technical means designed to identify unauthorized selection of electricity are given. It is concluded that in the conditions of formation of domestic energy dependence, which in turn is due to a hybrid military confrontation and a modern European energy crisis, proposed scientific developments and technical means are extremely relevant and economically feasible. Among the main measures to ensure the activities of the authorized bodies, including the divisions of the national police by specialized technical means to combat unauthorized electricity selection, further latest scientific developments in this area are offered in this area, the transfer of scientific researches and domestic industrial production of relevant technical means.
Appears in Collections:Мирошниченко В.О.
Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. - 2021. - Спеціальний випуск № 2 (115). До 30-річчя Незалежності України та 25-річчя Конституції України
Наукові статті
Рижков Е.В.

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