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Title: Professional competence development of future professionals in vocational education for the labour market
Other Titles: Розвиток професійної компетентності майбутніх фахівців у професійно-технічній освіті на ринку праці
Authors: Luchaninova, O.
Markina, L.
Marchenkova, Y. K.
Zhovnirchyk, Y.
Mishchenko, D.
Лучанінова, О.
Маркіна, Л.Л.
Коваленко-Марченкова, Є.
Жовнірчик, Я.
Міщенко, Д.
Keywords: professional competence
labor market
future professionals
vocational education
професійна компетентність
ринок праці
майбутні професіонали
навчальна програма
професійна освіта
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Державний університет Південно-Західної Баїї (Uesb)
Citation: Luchaninova O. Professional competence development of future professionals in vocational education for the labour market / O.Luchaninova, L.Markina, Y. K.Marchenkova, Y.Zhovnirchyk, D.Mishchenko // Práxis Educacional. - 2020. - № 16(37). - P. 203-223. -
Abstract: The article analyzes the development of professional competence of future specialists in vocational education. The so-called syllabus as a component of the educational training program, a kind of itinerary for students to study the discipline, is offered to future professionals in vocational education for future challenges in the labor market. Based on the principle of student-centricity, teachers share responsibility for gaining professional competencies with students who act as customers when choosing disciplines. The sequence of the proposed educational steps in the syllabus involves the interaction of the teacher with the students, the actions of the teacher as a tutor, reflective analysis of students in the independent preparation and performance of creative tasks. The article presents syllabus with the list of recommended literature, questions for the final control of future specialists' knowledge in the form of conversation, topics of abstract tasks, individual tasks assessment, questions for self-control, technological map of the discipline, information and methodological support of the discipline.
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