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4.pdf.jpg2018Tactics of interrogation of a suspect in cases of illegal acquisition of firearm committed by a servicemanKotsyuba, S.; Коцюба, С.А.
30.pdf.jpg2020Tactics of some verbal investigator (search) actions in the investigation of fraud in the field of employmentGukova, I.; Гукова, І.
13.pdf.jpg2018Teaching grammar stages to the students of non-philological universitiesНагорна, Ю.А.; Nahorna, Y.A.
9.pdf.jpg2019Teaching pronunciation to ESP speakers: is there a problem or there is none?Миронова, Т.Ю.
grytsai_43.pdf.jpg2017Terminological determination in the field of gender policy as the condition of effective implementation of the gender equality principleГрицай, І.О.; Grytsai, I.O.
44.pdf.jpg2018The application of technical means of fixation of legal offences by police and the use of the evidence information by the court: the comparative analysis of Ukraine and SpainRamos, G.; Kononets, V.; Рамос, Г.; Кононець, В.П.
49-Chapter Manuscript-1189-1-10-20191120.pdf.jpg2019The choice of development management drivers of the socio-economic system of the national and international level based on the results of forecastingKononova, I.V.; Кононова, І.В.
125.pdf.jpg2020The decision of the sports disputes in national sports arbitration courtSkrypchenko, I.Т.; Pavlovsky, H.; Скрипченко, І.; Павловський, Х.
21.pdf.jpg2018The essence of analytical intelligence as a type of activity of the special department of "Vineta" of the Reich Ministry of education and propagandaDolgoruchenko, K.; Долгорученко, К.О.
46.pdf.jpg2018The foreign experience of public control of police activity and its implementation in UkraineMyronyuk, R.; Antoniv, M.; Миронюк, Р.В.; Антонів, М.
35.pdf.jpg2019The implementation of the integrative approach in the process of training future law enforcement officers is the urgent requirement of modernityMarkina, L.; Tretyakova, O.; Маркіна, Л.Л.; Третьякова, О.Є.
60.pdf.jpg2020The importance of English language proficiency for ukrainian lawyersХмеленко, К.М.
13.pdf.jpg2019The influence of french on english legal languageGladkova, A.; Khadzhi, A.; Гладкова, О.Є.; Хаджи, А.Ю.
25.pdf.jpg2018The internally displaced persons’ right to housing in Ukraine: problems of ensuring realizationKorshun, A.; Коршун, Г.
5.pdf.jpg2019The legal status of military justice under the special period and under conditions of crisis situations that threaten state securitByzova, A.; Бизова, А.М.
Чепік-Трегубенко О.С..pdf.jpg2019The political system of society: features and prospects of development in UkraineChepik-Trehubenko, O.; Чепік-Трегубенко, О.
77.pdf.jpg2019The position of the English language in UkraineShemet, U.; Kuzmenko, A.O,; Шемет, У.Р.; Кузьменко, А.О.
23.pdf.jpg2019The possibilities of information support in combating criminal judicesPletenets, B.; Плетенець, В.М.
18.pdf.jpg2018The principle of gender equality in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: problems and perspectivesGritsay, I.; Грицай, І.О.
15.pdf.jpg2018The Professional Competence of the Prosecutor and the Basic Behavioral RequirementsDvorniak, Y.