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Title: Комплексна екологічна галузь права в умовах глобалізації
Other Titles: Complex ecological branch of law in terms of globalization
Authors: Добробог, Л.М.
Dobroboh, L.
Keywords: глобалізація
комплексна галузь права
екологічне право
європейське право
complex branch of law
ecological law
European law
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: ДДУВС
Citation: Добробог Л. М. Комплексна екологічна галузь права в умовах глобалізації / Л. М. Добробог // Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. - 2021. - № 2 (111). – С. 14-20
Series/Report no.: DOI: 10.31733/2078-3566-2021-2-14-20;
Abstract: У статті здійснено спробу дослідити вплив глобалізаційних процесів у світі на ґенезу комплексної екологічної галузі права. Запропоновано періодизацію, в основу якої покладено критерій значущості подій, їх кардинальний вплив на ґенезу нормативного регулювання у сфері природокористування та охорони навколишнього природного середовища.
Description: The article deals with study of the impact of globaliztion on the development of a complex branch of environmental law. A significant development of science and technology in the modern world, the relative "development of the planet" and globalization processes necessitate the solution of qualitatively new scientific and applied problems and, in particular, the need to take into account the intensive development of world industry, limited natural resources and environmental requirements. and social mobility. The author has analyzed the most important historical events, implementation of international norms on environmental protection to national legislation. A particular attention has been paid to the development of the idea of environmental protection in European law in the second half of XX century and the separation within it of European environmental law. Recently, such important issues as the management of genetically modified organisms, the management of waste and hazardous chemicals, the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and water pollution have been regulated. This state of legal regulation of environmental relations at the level of international law has a positive impact on the national legislation of the Member States of the European Union and other states that have taken the European direction of development, including Ukraine. One of the important areas of cooperation between the European Union and Ukraine is the joint solution of problems in the field of environmental management and environmental protection. It has been concluded that the international legal regulation of environmental relations is a system of purposeful actions of subjects of international law, aimed at the rational use of nature and environmental protection in order to preserve it for present and future generations. The green economy is a priority for the European Union.
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Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. - 2021. - № 2 (111).
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