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Title: Становлення та розвиток законодавства у сфері функціонування авіаційного транспорту: історико-правовий екскурс
Other Titles: Formation and development of legislation of Aircraft services: historical and legal flashback.
Authors: Баган, Я.Й.
Bagan, Ya.Yo.
Keywords: авіація
авіаційний транспорт
повітряний рух
aviation transport
air traffic
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: ДДУВС
Citation: Баган Я.Й. Становлення та розвиток законодавства у сфері функціонування авіаційного транспорту: історико-правовий екскурс / Я.Й.Баган // Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. – 2018. – № 1 (90). – С. 89-95
Abstract: Простежено зміни законодавства та правової практики щодо розвитку авіаційного законодавства України на різних історичних етапах. Аналіз напрацювань минулих поколінь дав можливість окреслити тенденції становлення авіаційно-транспортної системи України, її публічно-правового забезпечення, формування законодавчих основ розвитку та перспектив вдосконалення. Виділено шість періодів розвитку авіаційного законодавства України, кожен з яких піддано детальному науковому аналізу.
The article analyzes the changes in legislation and legal practice concerning the development of aviation legislation of Ukraine at various historical stages. With a unique opportunity from a few countries of the world to implement a full cycle of aviation activities - from designing aviation engines and aircraft to their operation, maintenance and repair, Ukraine, unfortunately, does not use existing potential, educational and scientific achievements, human resources and a large historical past. The analysis of the past generations has made it possible to outline the tendencies of the formation of Ukraine's aviation transport system, its public-law support, the formation of legislative foundations of development and prospects for improvement. Six periods of development of the aviation legislation of Ukraine have been allocated, each of which is subjected to detailed scientific analysis. Having a long history, the aviation industry in Ukraine evolved gradually and depended on many political and economic factors that together gave the opportunity to distinguish several conditional periods with distinctive features inherent to them, namely: 1) the period of "the origin of air traffic and the legal foundations of its regulation" (1784 - the beginning of the XX century); 2) the period of the First World War, which became an impetus for the development of aviation industry, widespread use of air travel, and its legal rationing became a vital necessity; 3) the period of development of aviation legislation in the conditions of the functioning of the Ukrainian People's Republic (1917-1921 pp.); 4) the period of "Soviet power" (from 1922 until Ukraine gained independence in 1991), which is divided into three stages: a) 20-40-ies of XX century. A feature of this period was the formation of a special direction in it, regulating the set of relations arising from the implementation of domestic and international flights and traffic. This led to the emergence of air law, which began to perform two functions. The first is connected with the internal needs of the state in legal maintenance of civil aviation activity within its territory; The friend contributed to the satisfaction of the state's needs in international traffic. Accordingly, this part of the national air law has been closely intertwined with the principles and norms of international air law governing international air transportation and traffic.; b) 50-70-ies of XX century; c) 80-ies of XX century. The period of "Soviet power" actively contributed to the development of legislation in the field of civil aviation, but its feature in general was exclusively state regulation of air transport; 6) the "modern period" (from the beginning of the existence of an independent Ukraine (1991) till now), which can be divided into two stages, the fringe of which is adopted in 2017, the Air Law.
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