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Title: Зарубіжний досвід забезпечення законності та дисципліни роботи патрульної поліції: перспективи запозичення для України
Other Titles: Foreign experience in ensuring legality and discipline of the patrol police work: borrowing prospects for Ukraine
Authors: Михайлов, В.О.
Mykhailov, V.O.
Keywords: зарубіжний досвід
патрульна поліція
порушення прав
причини порушень законності
foreign experience
patrol police
violation of rights
causes of violations of legality
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: ДДУВС
Citation: Михайлов В. О. Зарубіжний досвід забезпечення законності та дисципліни роботи патрульної поліції: перспективи запозичення для України / В. О. Михайлов // Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. - 2019. - № 4 (101). – С. 209-216
Abstract: Проаналізовано зарубіжний досвід забезпечення законності та дисципліни роботи патрульної поліції. Розглянуто зарубіжну практику функціонування поліцейських підрозділів та гарантії забезпечення відповідного рівня професіоналізму. Окреслено перспективи запозичення позитивних надбань зарубіжної практики для подальшого використання її в українських реаліях сьогодення.
Description: The article analyzes the foreign experience of ensuring the legality and discipline of the work of the patrol police. The foreign practice of functioning of the police units and guaranteeing the provision of the appropriate level of professionalism are considered. The foreign experience itself has rather positive examples, the skillful use of which can optimize the work of the patrol police, ensure the strict observance by its employees of the principle of law and discipline, respect for human rights and citizen, eliminate existing differences and conficts, outline prospects for further development The experience of the USA, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, etc. has been analyzed. With different traditions, historical experience, foreign countries used the resources and innovations available to them to maximize the effectiveness of securing public order security in the interests of the citizen and society, moving from the crisis model of the police - repressive measures to a socially oriented model - prevention. The study of foreign experience of the application of legal means of ensuring the legality and discipline of the activities of the police systems of individual states made it possible to conclude that this experience in the context of reforming the law enforcement agencies and the functioning of the patrol police may be useful for Ukraine in part: implementing the principle of “transparency of career stairs “service in the police, which will provide the opportunity for the entrant to assess the financial (level of cash benefits, the size of the pension) and the status (prestige of a position, social privileges and preferences for family members of an employee) aspects that are provided to police oficers (France); provision of significant money and social benefits that are significantly higher than the average in the country and make it impossible to abuse their position (Germany); recruitment of police units exclusively on a competitive basis (China); Identification of objective criteria for the application of measures of rewards and penalties regardless of sex and nationality of the police oficer (the Netherlands); the formation of the personnel of the patrol police on the principle that will ensure the most efective implementation of tasks set before all formation, and before each employee (requirements to the level of education, qualifications, physical and mental status, etc.); maximum clear definition and normative consolidation of responsibility, which will rely on the head of the unit, since the plurality of performers causes irresponsibility and violates normal functioning; establishing limits of responsibility of the police oficer in conjunction with granting him proportional powers. This principle provides for the exact establishment of duties for ofice, as well as the limits of authority and disciplinary rights (they are detailed in the oficial statutes of the police of foreign countries), etc. The prospects of borrowing positive achievements of foreign practice for further use in the Ukrainian realities of the present are outlined.
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Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. – 2019. – № 4
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