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Title: Можливості використання науково-технічних засобів при допиті
Other Titles: Possibilities of the use of scientific and technical facilities at interrogation
Authors: Пиріг, І.В.
Кайко, В.І.
Варданян, Л.К.
Pyrih, I.V.
Kayko, V.I.
Vardanyan, L.K.
Citation: Пиріг І.В. Можливості використання науково-технічних засобів при допиті / І.В.Пиріг, В.І.Кайко, Л.К. Варданян // Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. - 2018. - № 3 (96).- С. 126-131
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: ДДУВС
Keywords: розслідування
науково-технічні засоби
scientific and technical facilities
lie detector
Abstract: Розглянуто окремі тактичні прийоми допиту з використанням науково-технічних засобів. Визначено можливості отримання інформації від допитуваного шляхом аналізу проведеної відеозйомки. Розглянуто існуючі на сьогодні проблеми використання поліграфа при розслідуванні злочинів взагалі та при проведенні допиту зокрема.
In the article the separate tactical receptions of interrogation are considered with the use of scientific and technical facilities. Possibilities of receipt of information are certain from interrogated by the analysis of the survey conducted by video. Advantage of the videotape recording consists in that she fixes not only verbal information but also behavior of the interrogated person, speech features of the interrogated persons, their intonation, gesticulation and mimicry that characterize the face of criminal. These external displays of behavior interrogated do not have evidential value, but can assist an investigator to build during an interrogation the line of behavior and to assist application of tactical receptions depending on reactions interrogated on those or other questions. In further it maybe to conduct the review of the got video data with participation of specialist-psychologist that will express the opinions in relation to those or other reactions of the interrogated person. The existing for today problems of the use of lie detector are considered at investigation of crimes in general and during realization of interrogation in particular. Application of lie detector has technical, tactical, ethic and judicial aspects. In the article each is examined of these problems separately. Modern lie detector as scientific and technical devices answer all necessary criteria: worked out on scientific basis, is safe facial that passes testing and does not conflict with the criterion of ethics and positions of current legislation. However, in relation to the acceptance of final decision about drawing on the results of lie detector verification as to proof, it is needed to befit self-weighted enough, taking into account objective and subjective factors, and that is why this question remains debatable.
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Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. - 2018. - № 3
Наукові статті
Пиріг І.В.

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