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Title: Сили охорони правопорядку як система
Other Titles: Public order forces as a system
Authors: Покайчук, В.Я.
Pokaychuk, V.Y.
Keywords: сили охорони правопорядку
службово-бойова діяльність
система сил охорони правопорядку
law enforcement security system
service and combat activities
law enforcement forces
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: РВВ ДДУВС
Citation: Покайчук В. Я. Сили охорони правопорядку як система / В. Я. Покайчук // Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. - 2017. - № 2. - С. 149-155
Abstract: Крізь призму загальної теорії систем розглянуто нормативно-правове забезпечення оперативно-службової та службово-бойової діяльності сил охорони правопорядку як системи.
In an article in the light, general systems theory and a factor L. fon Bentaralfi and his followers considered regulatory support operational performance and service and combat activity of law enforcement forces (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (the National Police, the State Border Service, the National Guard, State emergency services), Ukraine's security service, Military Police, Department of the State Security Service of Ukraine). The state system of forces policing should be defined as - a set of management capabilities of law enforcement bodies, offices and military units and law enforcement functions of regional branches, which ensure the implementation of state policy in the sphere of national security that would be nationally ensured implementation of public policy national security in peacetime and in times of crisis. Creation of the state system of public order forces as a complex set of relationships that arise in the interaction of elements in accordance with the tenets of the "classical" general systems theory L. fon Bertalanffy implies recognition of common patterns in the interaction of a large, but not an infinite number of elements. The backbone factors should admit the existence of common goals; Every element of performance of certain functions to achieve a common goal; hierarchical construction; subordination and coordination between elements of the system; submission purposes of any element of the system, common goal; 6. The presence of feedback between elements and managed. The forces of law enforcement constitute a coherent system that is creating systems factors-wide laws and principles of operation. The challenge facing the structural elements of the forces of law enforcement functions performed in accordance with the latest regulations governing their activities and territorial affiliation determine the need to consider the functional and territorial subsystems, as part of the system of law enforcement forces.
Appears in Collections:Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. - 2017. - № 2
Наукові статті
Покайчук В.Я.

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