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139695-298893-1-SM.pdf.jpg2017Ukraine’s integration into global and european educational space: problems, challenges and perspectivesДеркач, Л.М.; Derkach, L.M.
73.pdf.jpg2021UN experience of legal regulation of anti-corruption issues in the public sectorSlotvinska, N.; Слотвінська, Н.
37.pdf.jpg2019Use of information technologies as a means of increasing motivation when learning foreign language in non-linguistic higher education institutionsDekusar, G.; Dyshkant, O.; Dehtyar, V.; Декусар, Г.Г.; Дишкант, О.Р.; Дегтяр, В.А.
3.pdf.jpg2018Use of technical means of weight control for the prevention and disclosure of offenses in the field of road transportFomenko, A.; Vyshnya, V.; Фоменко, А.Є.; Вишня, В.Б.
42.pdf.jpg2020Use of technology in sports - a boon or bane?Singh, R.M.; Skrypchenko, I.; Сингх, Р. М.; Скрипченко, І.
22.pdf.jpg2019Use of thermal importer for biometric identification of humanHrebeniuk, A.; Гребенюк, А.М.
52.pdf.jpg2018Use of video and photo fixation as evidence in court proceedings: comparative analysis of Ukraine and SpainRamos, G.; Kononets, V.; Рамос, Г.; Кононець, В.П.
18.pdf.jpg2021Using the opportunities of criminal science in the activities of investigatorsBondarenko, A.S.; Бондаренко, А.С.
28.pdf.jpg2019Values as predictors of social responsibility and attitude toward law in Ukrainian youthKovalchuk, O.; Ковальчук, О.С.
76.pdf.jpg2021Vice-presidency in the system of state power highest bodies: world constitutional theory and practiceFurfaro, R.; Samotuha, A.; Фурфаро, Р.; Самотуга, А.
17.pdf.jpg2022War crimes: international legal norms and criminal legislation of the Republic of AzerbaijanEyyubova, M.; Ейюбова, М.
15.pdf.jpg2021War on crime: From passive behaviour of an undercover agent to active forms of covert influence on accomplices of criminal activitiesKondratiuk, O.; Fedchak, I.; Lepekha, O.; Senyk, S.; Marets, B.; Кондратюк, О.; Федчак, І.; Сеник, С.; Лепеха, О.; Марець, Б.
19.pdf.jpg2019Ways of committing fraud in the field of tourist servicesChaplynskiy, K.; Kalyuga, T.; Чаплинський, К.О.; Калюга, Т.О.
24.pdf.jpg2021Ways to improve the system of professional training of law enforcement agents for action in emergency situationsДума, А.В.
24.pdf.jpg2020Word power and its influenceБуряк, А.С.
8.pdf.jpg2021World experience of the land sale market reform: a temporal legal measureRezvorovych, K.; Резворович, К.
Alekseyenko_Kobets.pdf.jpg2020World practices of public control on the electronic declaring process as an effective method of combating corruptionAlekseenko, І.; Kobets, М.; Алєксєєнко, І.; Кобець, М.
Koncepcja oceny medernizacji.pdf.jpg2016А concept of modernization evaluationIvanov, S.; Іванов, С.В.; Liashenko, V.; Ляшенко, В.; Kamińska, B.; Kvilinskyi, O.
36.pdf.jpg2019А crіme іs no tіme to stop for trаnslаtіon: the necessіty of Englіsh for polіce offіcers іn UkrаіneКутаєв, В.Е.
50.pdf.jpg2018Аlgorithm of complex control of training of basketballist at the previous basis training stageIvchenko, O.; Івченко, О.