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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31.pdf.jpg2020National-patriotic education staff of law enforcement structuresДума, А.А.
56.pdf.jpg2019NATO-Ukraine relations: perspectives of further developmentКлименова, О.М.; Кондрашева, О.В.
16.pdf.jpg2021Non-medical drug useAntropov, B.O.; Bidnyak, G.S.; Антропов, Б.О.; Бідняк, Г.С.
20.pdf.jpg2020Objectives of criminology at the current stage of development of Ukraine and in the perspectivePrymachenko, V.; Shablystyi, V.; Примаченко, В.; Шаблистий, В.
38.pdf.jpg2021Obstruction of an investigation in modern co nditionsKyrianova, V.O.; Кирянова, В.О.
90.pdf.jpg2021Official as a subject of corruption crimesРадельчук, К.О.
21.pdf.jpg2019On the conservation of the trace picture on the clothes of the corpse during its examinationBidniak, H.; Бідняк, Г.С.
42.pdf.jpg2021On the idea of language functioningYatsyshyn, M.; Яцишин, М.
5.pdf.jpg2021On the issue of forensic expert research of election documentsBidnyak, G.S.; Бідняк, Г.С.
28.pdf.jpg2020On the question of typical investigative situations in the investigation of involvement of minors in illegal activitiesPrilovskyi, V.; Приловський, В.
25.pdf.jpg2020Operational investigative support of searchesObshalov, S.; Обшалов, С.
12.pdf.jpg2018Operational-search characteristic of person of the offender, who makes illegal movement of firearmsChipets, O.; Чіпець, О.
96.pdf.jpg2021Organization of psychological support of the police, officers of the National Police of Ukraine and cadets (listeners) of higher education institutions with specific learning environment: features legislative regulationNedria, K.; Mitchenko, K.; Недря, К.; Мітченко, К.
11.pdf.jpg2021Organized crime as a social system: characteristics and trendsKramarenko, Y.; Крамаренко, Ю.
132.pdf.jpg2022Oxopoнa публiчнoгo пopядку пiд чac пpoвeдeння мacoвиx зaxoдiв: мiжнapoдний дocвiдЛопаєва, О.
Iran 2021.pdf.jpg2021Peculiarities and Perspectives of Physical Rehabilitation Within High School SystemDorofieieva, O.; Yarymbash, K.; Skrypchenko, I.; Joksimović, M.; Mytsak, A.; Nesterenko, N.; Дорофієєва, О.; Яримбаш, К.; Скрипченко, І.; Йоксимович, М.; Мицак, А.; Нестеренко, Н.
70.pdf.jpg2021Peculiarities of economic crimes in the banking sphereRybalchenko, L.; Kosychenko, O.; Ohrimenco, S.; Рибальченко, Л.; Косиченко, О.; Охрімєнко, С.
ісмайлов 2019 св 1.pdf.jpg2019Peculiarities of human rights and freedom while applying intelligence-led policing (ILP)Ismaylov, K.; Ісмайлов, К.Ю.
10.pdf.jpg2021Peculiarities of legal security of financial security of the state in the context of today challengesDmytrenko, E.; Дмитренко, Е.
97.pdf.jpg2021Peculiarities of regulation of inheritance legal relations under the civil legislation of Ukraine and European CountriesNestertsova-Sobakar, O.; Нестерцова-Собакарь, О.