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34.pdf.jpg2021E-learning: strengths and weaknessesNosach, A.; Kozubai, I.; Носач, А.; Козубай, І.
Наливайко О.І._Чепік-Трегубенко О.С..pdf.jpg2019Economic and social systems of society as elements of social structure: concept, objectives, trendsNalyvaiko, O.I.; Chepik-Tregubenko, O.S.; Чепік-Трегубенко, О.С.; Наливайко, О.І.
37.pdf.jpg2020Economic component of crime and ways to prevent illegal actionsPaleshko, Ya.; Kubetska, O.; Neklesa, O.; Палешко, Я.; Кубецька, О.; Неклеса, О.
8.pdf.jpg2021Economic crime and its impact on the security of the stateRybalchenko, L.; Ryzhkov, E.; Ohrimenco, S.; Рибальченко, Л.; Рижков, Е.; Охрименко, С.
5.pdf.jpg2019Economic insecurity transformation in conditions of structural modernization of the Ukrainian economyVerkhoglyadova, N.; Kakhovska, O.; Kovalenko-Marchenkova, Ye.; Верхоглядова, Н.; Каховська, О.; Коваленко-Марченкова, Є.
14.pdf.jpg2022Electronic criminal proceedings: international experience of using information systems for algorithmization of criminal justicAntoniuk, O.; Антонюк, О.
59.pdf.jpg2020English legal terms translation difficultiesТупотіна, Д.А.
000учебник.pdf.jpg2021English: comprehensive studyKuzmenko, A.O.; Vukolova, K.V.; Кузьменко, А.О.; Вуколова, К.В.
9.pdf.jpg2022Ensuring economic security of enterprises taking into account the peculiarities of information securityRybalchenko, L.; Kosychenko, A.; Klinytskyi, I.; Рибальченко, Л.; Косиченко, О.; Клиницький, І.
30.pdf.jpg2019Ensuring enterprise economic securityRybalchenko, L.; Ryzhkov, E.; Рибальченко, Л.В.; Рижков, Е.В.
14.pdf.jpg2018Ensuring the electoral rights of internally displaced persons in local elections: problems of theory and practiceNalyvaiko, L.; Chepik-Tregubenko, O.; Наливайко, Л.Р.; Чепік-Трегубенко, О.С.
20.pdf.jpg2021Establishment of state authorities and governance of soviet Ukraine and their functioning in 1920th – the first half of the 1930th: historical and legal aspectLavryk, H.; Dudchenko, O.; Лаврик, Г.; Дудченко, О.
23.pdf.jpg2020Euro-english – мова ХХІ сторіччяКузьменко, А.О.
14.pdf.jpg2019European integration directions to improve the system of providing administrative servicesTimchenko, L.; Тимченко, Л.М.
20.pdf.jpg2022Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Electronic (Remote) Justice Model in Georgiain Terms of Exercising the Right to a Fair TriaSvianadze, G.; Свіанадзе, Г.
8.pdf.jpg2020Evaluation of the efficiency of providing social and service services by the police of the countries of Western Europe and UukraineMyroniuk, S.; Antoniv, M.; Миронюк, С.; Антонів, М.
grytsai_44.pdf.jpg2017External experience of implementation ofthe gender equality principleГрицай, І.О.; Grytsai, I.O.
35.pdf.jpg2021External governance of the state in the context of the sovereignty problemTaldykin, O.V.; Талдикін, О.В.
7. Вакулич М.М. Factor model of investment climate monitoring in chaotically structured economy.pdf.jpg2014Factor Model of Investment Climate Monitoring in Chaotically Structured EconomyVakulich, M.; Вакулич, М.М.
6.pdf.jpg2019Features and prospects of development of political system of society in UkraineNalyvaiko, L.; Chepik-Tregubenko, O.; Наливайко, Л.Р.; Чепік-Трегубенко, О.С.