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22.pdf.jpg2021Importance of communicative skills development for both learning foreign language and uplifting professional competence of students of higher educational institutionsIvanenko, G.E.; Іваненко, Г.Є.
40.pdf.jpg2020Improvement of fire and psychological training of policePokaichuk, V.; Holobok, E.; Saroyan, R.; Покайчук, В.; Голобок, Е.; Сароян, Р.
чоботько.pdf.jpg2020Improvement of judo jumping techniques using fitballChobotko, M.A.; Chobotko, I.I.; Чоботько, М.А.; Чоботько, І.І.
43.pdf.jpg2020Improvement of strong training in the process of special physical trainingBoguslavsky, V.; Petrushin, D.; Rohalsky, V.; Sheverun, V.; Богуславський, В.; Петрушин, Д.; Рогальський, В.; Шеверун, В.
10.pdf.jpg2022Improvement of the tourism industry management due to introduction of new trends and types of tourismCharkina, T.; Pikulina, O.; Zadoja, V.; Tsviliy, S.; Чаркіна, Т.; Задоя, В.; Пікуліна, О.; Цвілий, С.
34.pdf.jpg2019Increasing the confidence of population division to the regional officerКруподеря, М.В.
4.pdf.jpg2021Increasing the efficiency of managing the financial results of market activitiesKadylnykova, T.; Savkin, S.; Кадільникова, Т.; Савкін, С.
12.pdf.jpg2022Influence of social and psychological climate of the student group on the motivation of students' learningBilash, T.S.; Nikitina, I.P.; Білаш, Т.С.; Нікітіна, І.П.
10.pdf.jpg2017Innovative universities in Ukraine: perspectives and solutionsDerkach, L.; Деркач, Л.
26.pdf.jpg2020Interaction of the investigator with knowledgeable persons during expert researchShapovalov, D.; Шаповалов, Д.
71.pdf.jpg2020Interaction of the investigator with the specialists during the presidency investigationScutt, A.
18.pdf.jpg2021International and national legal counter terrorism measures in NigeriaMessembe Obia, S.; Мессембе Обіа, С.
39.pdf.jpg2021International experience of using special knowledge in police activityPakulova, T.; Bidniak, H.; Пакулова, Т.; Бідняк, Г.
54.pdf.jpg2019International legal order: legal regularities of its establishment within globalization conditionsTishchenkova, S.; Тіщенкова, С.
6.pdf.jpg2021International legislative basis of social work with migrants and refugees in GermanyHavrysh, O.; Гавриш, О.
19.pdf.jpg2018International mechanism for ensuring rights of internally displaced persons and its implementation by Ukraine at the regional levelGritsay, I.; Gordiienko, L.; Грицай, І.О.; Гордієнко, Л.
15.pdf.jpg2018International practices of conceptualization of the phenomen of corruptionMarchenko, O.; Марченко, О.
4.pdf.jpg2021International terrorism as a political phenomenon. Problems of counteractionAlekseenko, I.V.; Алєксєєнко, І.В.
57.pdf.jpg2021Interrogation of a minor or a minor by a psychologist as one of the tactical methods of interrogationChechel, A.O.; Чечель, А.О.