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dc.contributor.authorБочковий, О.В.-
dc.contributor.authorРозовський, Б.Г.-
dc.contributor.authorBochkovyi, O.-
dc.contributor.authorRozovskiy, B.-
dc.identifier.citationБочковий О.В. Використання механізмів ринку в протидії злочинності / О.В. Бочковий, Б.Г. Розовський // Вісник Луганського державного університету внутрішніх справ. - 2016. - № 4. - С. 164-170uk_UA
dc.identifier.otherУДК 343.1:351.746-
dc.descriptionThe article highlights the mismatch of modern criminal law and judicial means of combating crime real needs of public security from criminal encroachments. Society is rapidly evolving, changing ways of regulating social relations. There are constantly new social relations that need proper regulation. And given the fact that crime - a product of society, it is also changing. There can be no effective system of combating crime, which does not reflect the system of society. Can not contradict existing social relations. The right and the process should be a real reflection of society. Historically distinguished, for example, from the Byzantine Roman law and the rights of the eastern nations. In the process of evolution was wiping faces and existing differences. The basis of lay philosophies and scientific paradigms that are changing each other. However, in recognition of the inevitability of the general trend has been lost study of real cultural characteristics, mentality, life and inherent traditions of different peoples. Today it has become clear that the former Soviet Union, in contrast to countries with stable market economies, the strategy of combating crime not take into account the potential of the highefficiency factor, as material interest of citizens in achieving socially significant results. Proposed introducing a fund to encourage citizens to combat crime. This fund seems open to patrons of charitable activities, including business representatives interested in law enforcement to prevent and suppress crimes that affect their interests. Ideally, the fund may be an indicator of assessment of the effectiveness of law enforcement. However, the economy - this is the main but not the only part of the solution. Since the applicant is interested in the results of the investigation, it appears justified giving it a special procedural status with the right to monitor the activities of law enforcement agencies to verify his statements. Preferably, the procedural status of the applicant in a certain part can be combined with the procedural status of victim Examples of economization of law enforcement a lot, it's extremely effective, as evidenced primarily level of technology. Indeed, only feeling safe person can do to create a new product.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractУ статті вказано на невідповідність сучасних кримінально-правових і процесуальних засобів протидії злочинності реальним потребам забезпечення безпеки суспільства від злочинних проявів. Акцентовано увагу на недостатності застосування матеріальної зацікавленості громадян у досягненні соціально значимих результатів, зокрема й для сприяння протидії злочинності. Запропоновано створення відповідного фонду для заохочення громадян щодо протидії злочинності.uk_UA
dc.publisherЛуганський державний університет внутрішніх справ ім. Е.О.Дідоренкоuk_UA
dc.subjectкримінальне правоuk_UA
dc.subjectкримінальний процесuk_UA
dc.subjectcriminal lawuk_UA
dc.subjectcriminal procedureuk_UA
dc.subjectthe economyuk_UA
dc.titleВикористання механізмів ринку в протидії злочинностіuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeUsing market mechanisms in counteracting crimeuk_UA
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