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Title: Підготовчий етап слідчого експерименту при розслідуванні злочинів проти моральності
Other Titles: Preparatory stage of investigative experiment during investigation of crimes against morality
Authors: Єфімов, М.М.
Yefimov, M.M.
Keywords: злочини проти моральності
слідча (розшукова) дія
слідчий експеримент
слідча ситуація
crimes against morality
investigative (detective) action
investigative experiment
investigative situation
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: РВВ ДДУВС
Citation: Єфімов М. М. Підготовчий етап слідчого експерименту при розслідуванні злочинів проти моральності / М. М. Єфімов // Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. - 2017. - № 2. - С. 199-206
Abstract: Досліджено деякі аспекти розслідування злочинів проти моральності. Розглянуто підготовчий етап слідчого експерименту під час розслідування зазначених кримінальних правопорушень, а також сформульовано пропозиції щодо застосування найбільш доцільних його заходів.
The article deals with some aspects of the investigation of the crimes against morality. We consider the organizational features of investigation experiment in the investigation of these criminal offenses. Suggestions are formulated in relation to application of the most expedient organizational features. To verify and clarify information relevant to the inquiries of criminal offenses, the investigating prosecutor has the right to conduct investigative experiment through play action, situation, and circumstances of a particular event, the necessary experiments or tests. Investigative experiment is one of the most challenging and complex investigative (detective) actions, because when it involved a significant number of people. His conduct should be ensured thorough preparatory stage. After investigating through investigative experiment planning can predict the results. This requires sufficiently examine and analyze the criminal proceedings, as well as do a number of other preparatory activities. During bullying investigation investigative experiment conducted primarily to establish the mechanism of the crime to determine the boundaries of awareness or ignorance perpetrators of a crime, for examining the versions made by others. Receive the most appropriate tactic that can be used during the investigative experiment in the investigation of bullying, is the involvement of specialists, use of natural patterns of investigative experiment individually with each person, using appropriate means of fixing investigation (investigative) actions. Using these tactics play an important role in proving the guilt of all participants hooliganism, especially in their rejection of earlier data readings.
Appears in Collections:Науковий вісник Дніпропетровського державного університету внутрішніх справ. - 2017. - № 2
Наукові статті
Єфімов М.М.

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