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Title: Міжнародно-правове регулювання застосування Україною репресалій
Other Titles: International legal regulation of the use of reprisals Ukraine
Authors: Степаненко, К.В.
Stepanenko, K.V.
Keywords: репресалії
міжнародна відповідальність
міжнародні санкції
міжнародне право
міжнародні відносини
international responsibility
international sanctions
international law
international relations
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Международный гуманитарный университет
Citation: Степаненко К.В. Міжнародно-правове регулювання застосування Україною репресалій / К.В. Степаненко // Альманах міжнародного права. - 2016. - №13. - С. 57-65.
Abstract: У статті робиться спроба визначити засади міжнародно-правового регулювання застосування Україною репресалій як форми міжнародної відповідальності. Проаналізовано теоретичні положення міжнародно-правового регулювання застосування Україною репресалій, визначено основні практичні напрями застосування Україною репресалій, зокрема й щодо Росії як порушника міжнародних зобов’язань.
The article attempts to define principles of international law regulating the use of reprisals Ukraine as a form of international responsibility. Theoretical provisions of international law regulating the use of reprisals Ukraine, the main practical directions of Ukraine reprisals, particularly in Russia as a violator of international obligations. It is concluded that reprisals in international law are considered illegal in nature activities, but which in exceptional circumstances may be justified in the light of misconduct previously made by the State against which they are directed. Such reprisals nature makes them an integral part of international sanctions applied to violators of international law. Analyzed discussion points for discussion and conclusion of the UN Commission on International Law Draft articles on responsibility of States for internationally wrongful act. Based on the logic of international law regarding the use of reprisals, which can be seen in the enclosed draft articles Ukraine as a state that has suffered as a result of the aggressive behavior of Russia, a special law has defined types of reprisals that could be applied to offending countries. Given the gross violation of international law Russia and Ukraine on the actions of this country should be determined and correspondent with the rules and case-law of international law. The use of reprisals in this case can be viewed as a temporary precautionary measures is prologue appeal to international judicial institutions. The conclusion is that today there is an urgent need to develop generalized legal position of Ukraine, which has become a basis for the development of a common consolidated claims, which Ukraine as a state that has suffered armed aggression must formally present the Russian Federation as a state aggressor. However, we must improve the regulatory framework and mechanism to introduce Russian as a state-aggressor systematic reprisals for countering Russian aggression in transition recourse to international judicial institutions.
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Степаненко К.В.

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