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Title: Terminological determination in the field of gender policy as the condition of effective implementation of the gender equality principle
Authors: Грицай, І.О.
Grytsai, I.O.
Keywords: гендерна нерівність
гендерний баланс
гендерна політика
державна гендерна політика
егалітарна модель державної гендерної політики
рівність прав жінок і чоловіків
gender inequality
gender balance
gender policy
state gender policy
egalitarian model of state gender policy
equality of rights of women and men
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Grytsai I.O. Terminological determination in the field of gender policy as the condition of effective implementation of the gender equality principle / I.O. Grytsai // Журнал східноєвропейського права. - 2017. - № 43. - С. 28-34.
Abstract: У статті здійснено теоретико-правовий аналіз термінологічної визначеності в сфері гендерної політики як умови ефективної реалізації принципу гендерної рівності. З’ясовано сучасне змістовне наповнення понять «гендерна політика» та «державна гендерна політика». Визначено суб’єктів реалізації гендерної політики та державної гендерної політики.
The article deals with the theoretical and legal analysis of terminological certainty in the field of gender policy as a condition for the effective implementation of the gender equality principle. In retrospect, different terminology appeared and was used in Ukrainian and foreign research and journalistic literature, international documents, legal acts of various countries in the aspect of guaranteeing gender balance by a state. At the initial stage, attention was focused on the rights of women. This was due to the violation and/or neglect of women's rights by various subjects of legal relations, their struggle for their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests. Despite significant changes in the form and content of the activities of the public, the state and international actors regarding the establishment of gender equality in recent decades, studies on the protection of the rights of women in various social spheres should be continued both in Ukraine and other countries of the world, especially in domestic sciences. Equally important is the intensification of the study and analysis of problematic issues concerning the guarantee of men's rights, which are currently being carried out in separate scientific work. The contemporary meaningfulness of the concepts of “gender policy” and “state gender policy” is revealed. The subjects of realization of the gender policy and the state gender policy are determined.
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